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Masters of Doom

Posted by Codejoy Tue, 16 Jun 2009 16:01:00 GMT

So it is rare I will admit that I read a book straight through, but I am pleased to announce I can add one more book to my list of "have reads" and that book is: "Masters of doom". It was a pretty good read and made me long for the days of creating a game in the garage with a few good friends. I was lucky enough to get a taste of this (Though it didn't yield any Ferraris) but it was fun and even got some notoriety out of it.

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What I did this weekend...

Posted by Codejoy Mon, 06 Apr 2009 16:21:00 GMT

This isn't me, but its what I was upto this weekend, more to come...
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Posted by Codejoy Fri, 30 Jan 2009 20:34:32 GMT

I poo poo this city I live in often. I come from a much bigger town so this little town doesn't have all the perks. I really get annoyed as to what I feel like are small town politics as well. I think though, its finally time to end that...I don't even know where all the hate comes from. I have an awesome job here (awesome for dman near anywhere in the country), I know nothing but great people here...and my daughter seems happy to be here. So I think its finally time to accept that I am now an official resident, damn near born and bred here. Its alright by me, sun, good community...surrounded by knowledge its pretty good. Oh and to my sister, another plus is, its not Houston :P



Posted by Codejoy Sat, 24 Jan 2009 02:41:00 GMT


I have had a whirlwind of a past few months, I won't detail the specifics but suffice to say I think I have things under control. I found out I suffer a great deal from anxiety (hey so does Donny Osmond and Scarlett Johanson). I cannot pinpoint how long I have had this. I know its gotten more severe over the years, but I can guess that I had this since the 5th grade at least. How do I know?

I went to Illinois to visit family my 5th grade year (I was what about 11?), it was a nice trip back east and it was during the summer. We made the usual rounds to family members and visited one uncle in particular. He happened to live in some small little town somewhere in Illinois..the visit was nice, though this was summer and a storm rolled in....

We are all standing out there, the clouds aren't looking good and we hear on the news there is a tornado warning for that county where that town is. The thing is, this town is little and has no storm shelters on the house we were in. I and my cousin start to freak out and my grandma, 80+ at the time I think, was tired and just decided during this crisis she will take a nap on the couch. Makes me chuckle now.

Anyway, after that trip when I got back to New Mexico, for over a year I was obsessed with the weather. It is well known in the late summers here we get some wicked thunderstorms and every time we had one I would freak out. In fact I realize my sixth grade year just starring out the school bus at the clouds, fretting about the weather, hoping it wouldn't bring something akin to a tornado. The worse part is, the worry would be in the back of my head playing or doing whatever. Its odd to me that to this day I can remember the exact feelings of worries i had, what I was thinking, concerned about and this many years ago, like 19 or so. Jeez.

Mental issues are difficult to deal with, it depends on the issue, the person, the context, the environment and you will really never know what its like unless its you. Anxiety is particularly horrible, cause the worries are perfectly logical to us, but totally unlogical and absurd to an outside observer

It was quite a while I fretted about the tornadoes and weather, but it finally just went away, and now the silver lining is, I chase storms, or want to...I love them. So I am at a new place, and hopefully better equipped now to control this rather vicious little issue that really degrades ones quality of life...time will tell, sooner or later time will tell.

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Hi again!

Posted by Codejoy Thu, 08 Jan 2009 16:30:00 GMT

It isn't often I post I know, and I am sad I have no riviting post but somewhat of a tooting of my own horn. I haven't played around with my suggestr app in a while but given I got some new images with some new tags I figured why not. It was down and not working for some reason though but I seemed to got it up and running again, not sure how many flickr users read this but I have to say my suggestr app is a neat way for discovering new groups on flickr IF you tag your photos well! And run it multiple times at it only selects a random few tags to work off of :) So its here:

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