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End of the semester

Posted by Codejoy Thu, 08 May 2008 15:19:00 GMT

Final Project Mosaic

I learned a lot in the photography class I took this semester. Primarily how to make a good print on both Resin Coated (RC) paper and Fiber Base paper (FB). To me there is something very special about making a picture by hand from start to finish. From the moment you click the shutter, to developing the negative to the enlarging process to even pressing and mounting the final print. Here is my final project, as to which the teacher said it was one of the best final projects he has seen in a photo I class. Mission accomplished. I am now actively working on my next goal.

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Light and Form

Posted by Codejoy Sun, 10 Feb 2008 15:55:00 GMT

Low Key Test 2 No this isn't an example of it, but that is my new assignment. Also we learned how to make our first print. It is quite a process consisting of making test prints, using filters, and printing again. I look forward to it though. I am at this new part of my life where hopefully I can really jump into this stuff fully and churn out some real art. I always felt my stuff is more or less just "there", not quite commercial enough for commercial, and not artzy enough for art. I aim to change that. That being said I am also in an interesting point in life, a point I should of been at for sometime so that being said I might "emote" some on this blog, and if so I do apologize. Oh and this picture was not for the class or the first project at all, just figured i'd post something new....

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Class three, the developing.

Posted by Codejoy Mon, 04 Feb 2008 02:30:00 GMT

Assignment 1 30 seconds and you begin to see the print...I am hooked. This new photoclass is pretty cool. This last class (class number 3), we developed our own film and saw how to make our contact print. It is a funny thing, I am not only into this subject matter but I am actually asking questions. I feel on some level a lot of my college time was wasted cause I only asked questions when I absolutely had to...and usually then in private (anxiety is a horrible thing). I don't know if it is now age, experience or passion but I am now commenting and asking more than I have ever before in class. I like this new me as a student. I was never a kiss-ass in class but seeing as how I went in today on a Sunday for extra time to do contact sheets I feel a bit of a over achiever. The sheets were one for my last assignment, what this image is from and one sheet from a roll of 35mm I shot and developed from my Holga. Needless to say, the Holga negatives were grossly over exposed (f13 at 1/125seconds iso 400 will do that in the bright of day), but I even learned how to adjust the enlarger to fix some of those issues. The number one thing I am learning from this is just how much work my scanner software does for me. Wow. Next class we learn how to make a print... this is an incredibly exciting opportunity as I NEVER (or at least very rarely) make any prints of the stuff I shoot.

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Lego is 50! And my second class...

Posted by Codejoy Mon, 28 Jan 2008 13:56:00 GMT

And I know this thanks in part to google! lego08 I had my second class for photography I this weekend. In 4 short hours we talked about photos we each picked that evoked emotion, we learned what a gray card is and what it does and how to use one, and then we learned how to develop a roll of film. I have yet to buy my gray card so I couldn't start this weeks assignment which is bracketing exposures using a gray card. So far so good...

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First day of class

Posted by Codejoy Wed, 23 Jan 2008 22:46:00 GMT

vanity_fair_sopranos So my first photography class did not go the full length it was supposed to (12pm-6pm). We got out early and it was a nice introduction to the dark room, what the class is about the inner workings of the camera etc. I even learned something, what a range-finder camera is specifically. It was a good class and our first assignment was "Found Photo". That is we are supposed to bring in a photo that evokes emotion for us and talk about it. The photo I am kicking around is this one. I am not a fan of Annie just cause shes on top, but she is good. This photo is awesome and it made me realize that vanity fairs covers are always top notch. What I like about this photo is the fact that you have two cold hearted criminals on the cover with this beautiful woman as a stark contrast to them. The kicker to me is the fact that the lighting is rather warm (Without being overly warm) one would expect it to be a colder color cast, so I wonder what she is saying about these cold gangsters, is it that they are really not as bad as they seem? We all did see the last episode though right? EDIT: I had misread the assignment to be a photo we liked technically, and then I wrote here how it was to be evoke a feeling. Then I realized that the assignment really did state to show something that evokes emotion. So this image doesn't make sense for the real assignment. Will be posted the new image I choose soon...

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