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Posted by Codejoy Tue, 01 Aug 2006 19:45:00 GMT

Well I think it is official, I like this "Lush" Theme the best for my blog. I might be editing it in the future, adding my own bit of flare (mostly a thomasonrails log?) but as far as teh functionality of it all, its one of the best Typo Themes I have seen IMHO.

On the ruby front, Warholit is not quite ready yet. It is up here at:, but it is for some reason still erroring out when you try to "Warhol It!" an image. Working on this now. I have to say thouhg that has been a top notch web host and most helfpul in their support area for getting me set up and going.

On the ruby front, my next flickr toy might of been deflated before it started. Apparently I think "easy" projects I pick are easy till I investigate them further and it seems that it is hard to do any kind of automatically (i.e. algorithmic based) image manipulation of any fun kind (That is an art style). I wanted to build a flickr toy that automatically does some cross-colorization for you, but this is proving difficult at best, if flat out "impossible".

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