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Posted by Codejoy Thu, 01 Feb 2007 14:52:00 GMT

Finally, got rails and ruby and rflickr and RMagick all playing nice together... it took a bit but in the end I got it done. The drawinports way is the way I chose, and it worked well. The process is roughly like:

Use the MacOS X cd's to install the X11SDK package, and then the x11 package. This package (the x11 one) is hard to find, its on the cd in the "other packages" .mpkg file. Though I don't have the cd on me now so let me double check that name.

After thats done, you can get darwinports and follow the instructions here:

A few gotcha's with RMagick, if you install it with the gem apparently you need to use: require 'rubygems' before the require 'RMagick'

Then you can install rflickr by calling:

sudo gem install rflickr --remote and Instead of:

require_gem 'rflickr' do require 'flickr' as per here:

So all that to say I now have Ruby On Rails working with RadRails on my macOSX tiger intel core 2 duo. w00t

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Ruby for Rails

Posted by Codejoy Sat, 20 Jan 2007 20:51:00 GMT

I am finally getting serious about Ruby, and Rails as i just went out and bought the book "Ruby for Rails". So far I am not that far into it, but I have my rails environment set up on my Ubuntu install, and once my macbook gets in there too. The most important Gems I use when using Ruby is: The RMagick gem (image manipulation) and the rFlickr gem (flickr API gem). I have a few flickr toy ideas ruminating in my head so I will have to start seriously to get to coding on this. I have decided of all the web technologies out there, Rails is the one I want to become pro on. This is a hard choice, as I most likely will not use it at work ever (they are mostly JSF). Such is life...choose life, choose rails.

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No joy

Posted by Codejoy Thu, 03 Aug 2006 18:21:00 GMT

Well it seems that freezing (or unpacking) the gems to 1.1.2 didn't matter nor fix it. So this is a bummer as my flickr toy is still not working. ;(

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Rails 1.1.4 thus far being unkind...

Posted by Codejoy Wed, 02 Aug 2006 23:34:00 GMT

Okay, first things first I admit, I am a total rails n00b. It appears my /warholit application's url_for call in the rhtml isn't working correctly, and it might be a rails 1.1.4 issue. I might have luck freezing down to rails 1.1.2 for the warholit application (if this is even possible). And further more I am lovin this theme but need a logo which will inevitably require me to change the color scheme which will be quite an under taking. Oh well, what else am I doing right?

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This theme.

Posted by Codejoy Tue, 01 Aug 2006 19:45:00 GMT

Well I think it is official, I like this "Lush" Theme the best for my blog. I might be editing it in the future, adding my own bit of flare (mostly a thomasonrails log?) but as far as teh functionality of it all, its one of the best Typo Themes I have seen IMHO.

On the ruby front, Warholit is not quite ready yet. It is up here at:, but it is for some reason still erroring out when you try to "Warhol It!" an image. Working on this now. I have to say thouhg that has been a top notch web host and most helfpul in their support area for getting me set up and going.

On the ruby front, my next flickr toy might of been deflated before it started. Apparently I think "easy" projects I pick are easy till I investigate them further and it seems that it is hard to do any kind of automatically (i.e. algorithmic based) image manipulation of any fun kind (That is an art style). I wanted to build a flickr toy that automatically does some cross-colorization for you, but this is proving difficult at best, if flat out "impossible".

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